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What is the current requirement for programmers in this country?

There is a lot of need for programmers in Denmark. That’s why; you don’t even need to know the Danish language necessarily to succeed as a programmer here.

The web developers in any country don’t have problems in any country because all the programmers converse in English. Therefore, the developers in Denmark earn a decent amount per month which is equivalent to, 5,733 USD. Now, this is one of the highest salaries paid in Europe for this domain. In Ukraine, the salary for this profile is even less at 2,400 USD every month.

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Depends on your programming skills

The requirement of Danish for the job of computer programmers depends on the company with which you are going to work. So, if you are working for a multinational Danish company, the requirements for Danish are not that much. But smaller companies have programmers who converse in Danish and you need to know this language. Computer programmers need to know Danish because the documentation and coding are in Danish in smaller companies.

The candidate should have, a good knowledge of programming skills which should be good enough to land him a job in a large company. Without such knowledge and irreplaceable programming skills, it’s not hard to get a job not requiring any knowledge of Danish language.

The working hours in Denmark are less, due to which it is easy for programmers to work here. A working week is of 37 hours only which implies normally you work for, 7 hours a day. The employees are given a comfortable treatment, which allows them to, have a flexible work schedule according to their personal lives.

How to get the permanent residency in Denmark?

Anybody who needs to work in Denmark should have a Danish work and residence permit.

For living in Denmark on a work permit, a candidate needs to have the job in this country. This job should be on a positive list which refers to those occupations which don’t have the requisite number of professionals in this country.


The candidate if he/she has a high salary in this country, can also apply for a permit here. This high salary should be of the amount of DKK 408,800per year.

The candidate has to provide all the information about the wages he is going to earn in this country in an employment contract. He also has to certify that he has the right kind of education which is needed for being a part of that profession in Denmark. At Nile Migration, we make you know all the requirements of this Positive List, whether your profile is currently a part of this list or not. It’s true that the candidate should know that amendments to this list are made two times in a year, once in January and then in July. Currently, the positive list of this country features a lot of IT related occupations which include IT engineer, IT architect, IT consultant and Programmer and System Developer. This residence and work permit is available for a period of 4 years and even less depending on for how long you have gained employment in this country.

The demand in Denmark is high for programmers of the CAM/CAD software.

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